Willow Brook Academy on Majors Road

Willow Brook Academy on
Kelly Mill Road

Willow Brook Academy believes that each child is unique and that the possibilities for enhancing your child's knowledge are limitless. We offer excellent child care and educational programs for infants, toddlers, pre-school, pre-kindergarten and school age children.
Willow Brook Academy also hosts three Georgia funded pre-kindergarten programs with teachers certified in early childhood education in each class.  All of our pre-kindergarten programs promote a seamless transition to kindergarten and align with Georgia Early Learning Standards, Georgia Kindergarten Performance Standards and Bright From the Start approved curriculum. 

Because children benefit significantly when parents, caregivers and teachers work together, we understand the importance of developing partnerships with our families.  Willow Brook Academy strives to become an extension of home, where our students and their families always feel safe, secure and welcome. 

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